Prior To Each Season


If you don't know what Team Snap is or don't have your account yet, please email Hannah Mason! This is how we keep track of everyone in the club.

CIPP with USA Rugby

To CIPP means to register with the national governing board for the sport - USA rugby. To do so, go to USA Rugby Web Site and click on "membership" on the lefthand scroll bar. Follow the steps to register for the current year (9/1 - 9/1). Make sure that on the drop-down menu for team names, you register with Northern Virginia WOMENS Rugby Club, not just Northern Virginia Rugby Club - that's the men's team! :) You must be CIPPed in order to play a game with NOVA (or any team). Make sure you print out a waiver to give to Alpine at practice sometime in the near future. You're not fully CIPPed until you do!

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    • If you don't have a Yahoo ID/screen name, get one.

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You must pay your dues before you're allowed to participate in a match. We will announce amount prior to season. We do have payment plans available. Please contact one of our club officers if you have questions.

Get your personal equipment:


    If you don't already have light, molded-sole soccer cleats, it's time to get some. If you do have those, you may want to try turf shoes, too. Large studs don't give good traction on the rock-hard summer fields (keep in mind that if it rains, turf shoes will cause you to slide).



    BLACK rugby shorts. Uniforms will vary on selections. Jerseys for games are provided.


    Mouth guards are not mandatory but are recommended for protection from mouth injuries and concussions. If you plan on having a mouth guard please mold it prior to the match or practice. Make sure it is a snug fit and you are able to talk with it in.