General Info

Important date: 5/29/2019
7s practices begin Wednesday, May 29th, 2018 at 6:45!

Practice will be held Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:45 until dark.

Fields located behind TC Williams High School and Chinquapin Park
3210 King Street, Alexandria VA 22302

Please update TEAM SNAP if you will NOT be able to make practices on any particular night. It makes planning much easier!


Inclement Weather
Always check your email and text messages for the latest changes/updates to match and practice locations/times, especially if conditions are or have been wet.
Note: If you are not receiving text messages, you will need to enable this in your Team Snap account.

Also, choose a FITNESS plan and do the work; show respect for yourself and your teammates by giving it your all!

For further information about NoVA Women's Rugby, please contact our executive committee.



Thanks to all our coach(es) for the hard work you've put into our wonderful club. We appreciate your vision and dedication!


Kayla Cook

Head Coach:

Nancy Fitz


Want to be a part of the NOVA 7s team during our conquest for world domination? Email