As a group, the executive committee is responsible for ensuring that the club's day-to-day business activities are managed in a manner that is generally consistent with standard business practices. Candidates must be diligent, serious, committed and responsible.
Updated 07/24/2012

PRESIDENT: Manage and oversee all club business. Ensure club and players are in compliance with PRU/MARFU/USARFU requirements. Conduct quarterly executive committee meetings. Conduct all team meetings and votes. Also is acting as Men's Liaison.

VICE PRESIDENT: Attend PRU board of governors meetings. Handle matters relating to club and individual CIPP registration, including providing information to players on registering with USA Rugby; distributing paper forms, where necessary; maintaining copies of signed USA Rugby liability waivers and player passports; maintaining list of CIPP numbers for match rosters; and obtaining official club and player registration lists for opponents. Prepare all materials for submittal to MARFU/USA Rugby/ DII Committee at territorial and national championships. Find volunteers to attend PRU Referee Society meetings. Also appoints manager of Ruggerama Seven's Tournament.

TREASURER: Responsible for every aspect of the club's finances including collection of dues, paying of union dues and fees, tournament payments, payment for equipment, payment of coach salaries, party budgets, charity donations, provide bank account reports on occasion, and make recommendations on expenditure decisions based on the club's financial standing. Also responsible for maintaining individual player accounts, in conjunction with the fundraiser, to ensure players know what money they have generated and/or what they owe the club based on events each season and responsible for team travel payment and repayment, in conjunction with the match sec. In charge of the main NOVA credit card and liaison with the team bank.

FUNDRAISER: Create or obtain fundraising opportunities that exceed our budget requirements as set by the Treasurer. Organize fundraising activities, including involvement in any combined work brought to our attention by the Men's Liasion.

MATCH SECRETARY: Arrange match schedules with other clubs and provide schedules to PRU and PSRFR by the required dates. Serve as club's point of contact for tournament organizers and arrange tournament entry with Treasurer. Provide directions to home games for refs and visiting teams. Ensure club complies with referees' society requirements and is allocated referees for home games. Coordinate match times of concurrent home dates with the men's team. Arrange for travel to away matches outside of the MARFU territory. Coordinate team accommodations for tournaments and matches outside of MARFU territory. Work with volunteer travel coordinators when necessary to arrange travel to and from matches. Communicate with the club regarding projected costs for travel in a timely and accurate manner.

SOCIAL SECRETARY: Obtain sites for parties. Provide directions to parties for visiting teams. Organize and/or purchase food and drink in accordance with budget. Arrange party set up and clean up crews as needed.

RECRUITER: Respond to all potential player inquiries. Oversee the design and dissemination of recruiting materials (may be phone calls, mailings, or larger recruiting events, such as booths at fairs, attendance at collegiate events, etc.) Also appoints manager of Rookie Mom program.

RECORDING SECRETARY: Maintain and distribute roster and meeting minutes in a timely fashion. Maintain list serves, club email account, and web site. Also acts as club historian.

FIELDS/EQUIPMENT MANAGER: Research and obtain fields for home matches and team practice sessions. Obtain permits for home field(s). Ensure that the home pitch complies with USARFU requirements. Organize field set-up, lining and tear down crews. Coordinate field preparation with the men on concurrent home dates. Ensure all field equipment is in good repair; purchase paint and field equipment with the Treasurer's approval. Inventory all equipment and account for it after training sessions, travel, etc. Ensure all proper equipment is taken to matches, team practice, and NOVA-sponsored clinics and events.

PUBLIC RELATIONS/SPONSORSHIP:Publicize the team (game write-ups, charity events, select-side selections, home/training ground etc.) with the aim of recruiting players and sponsors, building and maintaining local goodwill, and promoting the game. Establish and maintain contact with club sponsors; keep the current sponsors up-to-date on team events; Seek out new potential club sponsors.

ALUMNAE LIAISON:Establish a relationship between the current and past players of the clubs. Initiate events that include Alumnae; Keep Alumnae up-to-date on upcoming events; Maintain and Distribute a Newsletter to keep the club (Active and Alumnae) current on the club events, teammate events, miscellaneous news, etc. Create and Keep Alumnae Database of contact information up-to-date.

MEN's LIAISON: Work for the good of both NOVA RFC and NOVA WRFC. The main duty is attending the men's board meetings the first Monday of every month in Fairfax and reporting any news of our club to them, and their news to us. This position also requires joint work on combined fundraisers and the annual banquet in January, and writing a women's news column in the NOVA RFC quarterly newsletter.


The coaches select the players for each match with input from the captains. The captains are elected seasonally. They provide invaluable leadership as role models in team spirit as well as in technical knowledge.

TEAM CAPTAIN: A team reflects the character of its captain. The captain handles the coin toss and all interactions with the referee during matches. She leads the team stretch, the team cheer, and is generally a key role model. She understands the overall game plan and she analyzes and adjusts the team's play during matches with the other captains. She participates in strategic decision-making for the team with the Executive Committee, coaches, and other captains.

FORWARDS CAPTAIN: Must be a forward or a scrum half (1-9). She understands the particulars of the forwards' game plan, their positioning at all phases of play, and all set plays, including the mechanics of scrums and line-outs. When the units separate to practice or warm-up, she helps the forward coach direct the unit. 

BACKS CAPTAIN: Must be a back (9-15). She understands the details of the backs' game plan, their positioning at all phases of play, and all set plays. When the units separate to practice or warm-up, she helps the back coach direct the unit.


As a group, the executive committee is responsible for ensuring that the club's day-to-day business activities are managed in a manner that is generally consistent with standard business practices. 
Candidates must be diligent, serious, committed and responsible. 

Nominations will begin two weeks before the election date and will end one week before the election date. They will be made publicly, over email, then published on our web site with an opportunity for candidates to submit a brief written statement. 
A person may be nominated and accept the nomination for multiple positions. 


The order of elections for selection committee is:

Team Captain, Forwards Captain, Backs Captain

The order of elections for the executive committee is:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Fundraiser, Match Sec'y, Social Sec'y, Recruiter, Recording Sec'y, Fields/Equiptment, and Public Relations/Sponsorship

Elections for Club Officers are held at the end of every calendar year.

Proxy votes will be accepted during the week before the election and kept confidential by the Recording Secretary. Proxy voters will number the nominees for each position in order of preference. If the #1 candidate for a particular position was already elected to another position, the #2 candidate will become the proxied vote.

A paper ballot will be issued for a position. Anyone who has already been elected to a position will be scratched from the ballot.

Only members who have paid dues for the current year may cast votes.

Elections will be conducted by the incumbent President and the ballots will be collected and counted by the incumbent Recording Secretary. (If she is running for the position being counted, the incumbent VP will count, if the VP is also running, then Treasurer, and so forth).

Then the next position's ballot will be issued and elected until all positions have been filled.