The following programs are for you to use as you like; we encourage fitness as an ultimate goal, though we acknowledge that there are many different paths. Use this list as a guide for beginning a program or constructing your own.

Lifting programs

Running programs

Complete programs (running and lifting components)

  • Pre-January Camp: A 6 week program for the WNT prior to their January Camp, it includes 5 days a week of conditioning lifting and sprinting.
  • Pre-Nations Cup: A 8 week program prior to the Nation's cup.
  • The strength / SAQ fall 2003 was written by Tracy Moens, the US womens fitness coach before they went to Churchill cup. An EXCELLENT all inclusive workout! (2 downloads)
  • An all inclusive workout that the US Eagles used to train for the Churchill Cup in 2004. Don't be intimidated by the spreadsheets - there are a lot of them because the program has lot of variety (so that you don't get bored)!
  • NZ7s program-- a complete *intense* 2 a day workout for sevens.
  • 15s Workout- Tom Billups designed for 15s national team as workout leading up to Canada Cup - more 15s specific

Plyometrics and other Cardio Workouts

Tips and Tools